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We envision a world that celebrates and values everyone’s unique intersection of identities.


To provide psychotherapy, spiritual services, religious ceremonies/rituals, wellness care, and community events for folx seeking culturally sensitive and gender-affirming healing.

The Beginnings of Chosen Family Sanctuary


Since the inception of Chosen Family Therapy, the founder received numerous requests to provide culturally humble and gender affirming low-fee and pro-bono services to clients experiencing economic hardship. While Chosen Family Therapy has been able to offer a limited amount of spots at any given time for clients who needed low-fee sessions, the demand for low-fee and pro-bono services was so high, that more often than not, folx were turned away. 

Additionally, there was a lack of affordable services that Chosen Family Therapy could refer clients out to who provided culturally humble and gender affirming services. 

So many folx fall through the cracks of the medical industrial complex, and are not able to access the quality care that they need. As a result of the racial and COVID Pandemic, Chosen Family Therapy decided to fund the research, development, and implementation of Chosen Family Sanctuary, a grassroots non-profit church that is organized and operated exclusively for religious, educational, and charitable purposes, and meets the requirements of IRC Section 501(c)(3).

All donations raised for Chosen Family Sanctuary will directly fund low-fee and pro-bono psychotherapy, coaching, and spiritual-based services and events for folx who are experiencing financial hardship and require culturally humble and gender affirming spiritual healing. Additionally, Chosen Family Sanctuary has ordained Ministers who were selected after completing prescribed courses of study, and are able to perform ceremonies such as remote marriages, renewal of vows, baptisms, and funerals with deep reverence and respect for folx of all religions and faiths as well as agnostics and atheists.

To find out more about Chosen Family Sanctuary, please contact us via the info below and provide your name, pronouns, and the best days and times to reach you. Due to COVID, all of our regular services, ceremonies, and instruction are provided via online video conferencing and phone conferencing. Please do not provide any sensitive private health information.

Our Chosen Family Team includes Pre-Licensed and Licensed Therapists, Coaches, Chaplains, Ministers, Spiritual advisors, Priestx, Community Outreach Coordinators, Admin, and a Board of Directors.  All our positions are currently volunteer. We offer paid  volunteers positions when possible

Chosen Family Sanctuary is recognized by the Federal Government as a 501(C)(3). Chosen Family Sanctuary is missioned-aligned with Chosen Family Therapy, and centers the needs and voices of the members of the congregation who are QTBIPOC, and who have been disproportionately impacted by this racial and public health pandemic.

Colorful Friends


Chosen Family Sanctuary is a church that was formed by

 David Romero and Spiritual Director, Priestx. Giovanni Trimble (JS Very) on October 31. 2020.

Chosen Family Sanctuary is organized in accordance with the California Nonprofit Corporation Act, as amended. The organization has not been formed for the making of any profit, or personal financial gain. The assets and income of the organization shall not be distributable to, or benefit the trustees, directors, or officers or other individuals. 

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We care for all beings

We do no harm

We respect each other's differences

We prioritize equity and access for all

We center the needs and voices of those who are the most marginalized

We desire to become more deeply connected to each other, with nature, with our communities, with animals, and to our spiritual and religious beliefs

We aim to reduce the negative impact we have on the environment

We empower those who have been disempowered

We do not impose our beliefs onto others or use coercive persuasion

We allow everyone to have the autonomy to self-define

We​ promote body positivity

We do not judge each other's lifestyles

We respect each other's pronouns

We promote the human right to have equal access to quality food, housing, and healthcare

We are committed to abolishing racism and white supremacy

We are committed to prison abolition

We believe in applying restorative justice and transformative justice to repair harm

We are committed to de-stigmatizing mental health and physical health disabilities

We are committed to advocating for land rights and water rights for indigenous folx 

We empower our member's to make decisions based on their own self-interest rather than on the interest of the group or its leaders.

We do not isolate or alienate each other


We believe that no one is dispensable

We believe that we are all connected

We believe in finding the magic in the mundane

We believe in creating our own independent rituals and practices 

We believe in developing our higher selves

We believe it is important to connect more deeply to each other

We believe it is important to connect more deeply with nature, with our communities

We believe in developing our intuition

We believe in maintaining a connection with our ancestors

We believe in honoring indigenous wisdom

We believe that connecting to plants and animals benefits our spiritual development 

We believe that nature is sacred and should be honored and protected

We believe in using our powers for good

Board of Directors

Angie Hensley, LMFT, Ph.D. Candiate

David Romero

Talia Molé, PhD

Open Position

Open Position

Commitment to DEIJ

Chosen Family Sanctuary has pledged to implement diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice strategies at our organization over the next year using the P.A.C.E. Progress Framework developed by I Follow the Leader, LLC. Take the pledge and learn how to take at your org!

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Wood Pencil and Notebook

Environmental sustainability

Chosen Family Therapy is entirely paperless. All correspondence and documents, and ePHI between clients, volunteers, and staff are completed and signed electronically. We are committed to using recyclable materials and packaging. 

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