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Do you thrive in realms filled with fantasy and magic?
Are you eager to embark upon a quest for personal and psychological development?

Dungeons and Dragons group therapy is your way to learn more about yourself and others through the familiarity, safety, enjoyment, and (most importantly) magic of Dungeons and Dragons. 
Your storyteller and therapist, will guide you and your fellow party members through a collaborative quest. Said quest will offer you the opportunity to create a character uniquely your own, experiment with boundary setting, practice communication/interactional skills, and much more. 
Creativity and acceptance are paramount to our quest. All people, characters, and beings are both welcome and affirmed. 
Prior roleplay experience is not necessary and you do not need an established Dungeons and Dragons character to start (though we do welcome whatever OCs you bring). 
Level up your mental health with a Dungeons and Dragons experience like no other!

Book your free 15 minute vibe check if you would like to learn more about our new DnD Therapy Campaign


DnD Therapy Campaign Details

Dates: TBA. Once we have enough group members we will collectively agree on the exact dates.

Day/Times: Thursdays 10am-12pm

(2 hours)

Player Types: Our campaign is a beginner-friendly campaign. This means that both new and established Dungeons and Dragons players will be both welcomed and accommodated. 

Character Types: You do not need to have a pre-created character to join. Character creation will occur and will be facilitated by your therapist/storyteller. That being said, the group and the storyteller will consider any OCs (original characters) for inclusion if desired. 

Cost: $29-$49 per session sliding scale

Amount of Members: 4-5

Length of Group/Campaign: 12 sessions 

Description of the Event: A DnD campaign with a clear emphasis on processing and personal growth. Though there is an overarching goal of the campaign itself, the group as a whole will work towards an agreed-upon (and party-created) set of therapeutic goals. The main objective of the group is that participants leave the campaign with heightened interactional skills, comfort, and competence. 


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