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Roxana "Roxy" Tehrani, ASW

Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker # 91611

Supervised by JS Very "Giovanni Trimble" LMFT

Let’s envision what healing looks and feels like for you – come dream with me. How do we create space to imagine safely? To me, healing is about discovering and strengthening your connection to yourself, your body, your spirit, and to your greater community. As a queer nonbinary SWANA therapist, I strive to cocreate an authentic and affirming therapeutic environment with and for you. I’ll be a fiercely compassionate sidekick on your healing journey. I’ll accept and celebrate you as you are, without judgment or shame (but sometimes humor), and will ask you the hard questions. The truth is you have everything you need within you, and I’m just here to help you access and map it out. 


Healing happens when we’re able to be our full and true selves and have that celebrated and seen and heard. I seek to support you and your voice as you navigate and build your life, whether it’s with family, relationships, work, institutions, etc. My therapeutic lens is based in intersectional liberation, sex/kink positivity, abolition, anti-racism, and gender and body affirmation. I utilize various therapeutic modalities, including Narrative, Play, and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, to support you in writing and rewriting your own story with your own vision and voice. 


Books and storytellers that inform my work: All About Love, bell hooks, Alok Vaid-Menon, adrienne maree brown, Name of the Wind, Octavia Butler, James Baldwin, and Audre Lorde…just to name a few.


They/Them, She/Her


About Me

I am a first generation Iranian American that grew up in the Bay Area after having immigrated here at the age of 3. I love being a bay kid! 

I have four years of experience providing school and community-based psychotherapy for youth ages 6-24 (Youth Radio, James Morehouse Project, Lincoln Families). Most recently, I was an elementary school-based therapist working with children and their families. I’ve worked with children and families as a coach, educator, and caretaker for nearly 10 years and throughout that time have supported people of all ages as they explore and discover their identities in this ever-changing world. It’s my dream to continue to provide equitable mental health access and awareness to QTBIPOC and BIPOC youth and adults with empathy and understanding of the oppressive systems that impact us. 


My Education 


University of California, Berkeley

— May, 2019 School of Social Welfare— Master of Social Welfare, Emphasis on Children and Families

— May, 2011 College of Letters and Science— Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications/Media Studies;

Minor, Global Poverty and Practice

Moon phases
Tarot and pendulum
Hanging Herbs
Natural crafts
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