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Volunteer to support a client 

Are you a pre-licensed or licensed therapist who has 1-3 openings for a low-fee or pro-bono client?

Who we are

We are licensed and pre-licensed mental health providers, spiritual practitioners, ministers, atheists, agnostics, witches, storytellers, wellness coaches, activists, nerds, gamers, non-normative, sparkly folx,


We are a 501(C)(3) that offers culturally sensitive, and gender-affirming mental health services. We also host community programs and events based in wellness, spirituality, and religion. Many folx are discriminated against in religious institutions because of their sexuality, gender, or cultural identity. Also, folx who are witches, Pagans, Wiccans, or religious solitary practitioners, and experience isolation or invisibility. At Chosen Family Sanctuary, we offer you support within your own philosophical, spiritual, and religious beliefs. We do not impose our beliefs on you. Learn more about our vision and mission here


Join our Chosen Family team!

We have a waitlist of clients who need psychotherapy but can't afford full-fee psychotherapy sessions. Become a volunteer psychotherapist and receive gender-affirming and culturally sensitive clinical case consultation or clinical supervision. Space is limited, so please email a resume and cover letter to JS Very  


Extended Chosen Family 

Chosen Family Sanctuary is committed to ensuring that psychotherapy clients get the support that they need, and that therapists are trained to provide culturally sensitive and gender-affirming psychotherapy.

If you already have psychotherapy clients whose issues related to 2SLGBTQ+ or cultural identity are beyond your expertise, but you are otherwise a great fit to work together, refer your client to us and become part of our extended chosen family. Together, we will coordinate your client's care to ensure that they get the best treatment possible. Email JS Very for more information.

Professional Development and Private Practice Branding

We will help you build your unique private practice, and attract your niche client base. Email JS Very for more information.

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